Urban fashion is characterized by a comfortable and casual style,  without neglecting elegance and good taste. For this reason, the baroque-inspired collection of tracksuits  is perfect for those  looking for a touch of sophistication in their everyday look.   
The baroque style is characterized by the excessive use of ruffles and embellishments, and it is precisely this aesthetic that has been carried over to  tracksuits. Designs include intricate embroidery in tones of gold and silver, set against a dark background  of black, gray and deep blue.   
In addition, the tracksuits have details such as gold trimmings and engraved clasps and buttons  with baroque patterns.The result is a collection of garments that combines the comfort of the soft fabric of  tracksuits with the elegance and glamor of the Baroque style.   This collection is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd with a unique and original style. Tracksuits can be worn both in casual situations and for more formal occasions as their elegant design allows it.
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